Some of my favorite Photos




PADI  Instructor


Divemaster / Wine Master !


My 'Associates.'  My Dad and my sons.

My one and only sweet daughter

        With President Ford at his home in Palm Desert

With President Ford in Washington, D.C.

Amateur golfer Brian Harris and I at the Kansai St. Andrew's Society Ball, Kobe, Japan

Cookin' Up some whole hog Western Barbeque at the San Benito County Fair.   The next day I did a whole lamb too.  Made that BBQ from an old boiler and two golf cart axles. 

How I love to cook!

Talking SCUBA and "Sea Hunt" with Lloyd Bridges

Telling General Chuck Yeager (first man to break the Sound Barrier - The Right Stuff) that Naval Aviation Rules!

Strolling with Lloyd Bridges in New Orleans


World's best dive buddy and US Navy UDT Free Dive Record Holder Dick Bonin.  Dick was co-founder of ScubaPro.  He finally saw the light and took up golf!


Dick Bonin with his old boss Commander Doug Fane.  Cmd. Fane could still sip a wee dram on demand!  Without Doug Fane there would never have been any SEAL Teams!

With Jean-Michel Cousteau regarding    'Oceans Future Society' where I served as Secretary-Treasurer

Worrying about 'Jack's' lost ball at the 1986 US Open -- #10 at Shinnecock Hills GC

With Tom Watson chatting about Stanford golf, US Open, course management and importance of the superintendent

Cooling off in Moscow on Red Square

My son Spencer in Yosemite

With Master Chef International Pierre Bitterer -- Best friend and food prep mentor who I hired as an executive chef when he was 66!


Arnie making notes as I brief him on VIP names






With another best friend Yasuhiro Shimizu touring California Wine Country.


Me with  singer Marie Osmond  "Meet Me In Montana"

Shamus building houses with me in Baja, Mexico for the poorest of the poor.

With oldest son Shamus building a house -- again!

Receiving GCSAA Scholarship Grant 1973 from George Lamphear

Receiving 1984 Cal Poly Alumni of the Year from OH Department (That's Professor Jim Degan)

circa Chu Lai, Vietnam 1968

What a Babyface 1969 -- Navy Rules!

Why don't I feel secure with the wire there -- maybe sappers not friendly?  ChuLai 1968

Snow in my face before we fly -- Atsugi, Japan 1969. My G1 flight jacket.

US Navy Typhoon Tracking.  EC-121 Super Connie.  Only the young think they are immortal.

"Ne Oublie" (Never Forget)!  The NKORs shot down my shipmates in Sea of Japan.  Nixon did nothing!

Bob Hope on stage.  ChuLai, Vietnam.  Christmas Day 1969


Diving in the Orient Seas.

With a great Lady of Golf Miss Dinah Shore

One of the good guys in golf -- my buddy Jim Helms:  http://www.JimHelmsGolf.com

Right with Kite at Pebble Beach

Sakurashima volcano, Kagashima, Japan Satsuma agojo utsokushi!


Visionary USGA Research Committee 1984 Dr. Paul Rieke, J. Prusa, George Baird, Al Radko, Monty Moncrief, Dr. Jim Watson, Charles Smith, Dr. Marvin Ferguson, William  Bengeyfield 

"Swimming With the Shark" business author Harvey McKay 



"Ne Oublie" (Never Forget)

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